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Tired of rejection notices? No time to waste? Want your book on the market right now?

Minnesota eBook’s  Publishing Services can convert your digitally-formatted document into an eBook that can be read on the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and other eReaders.

Quickly, affordably, easily, Romeii will accept your PDF, DOC, TXT or ZIP file, or even your InDesign or Quark files, and begin the conversion process. Five business days later, you’ll have a fully formatted, ready to publish eBook.

Have a special book? Lots of photos, art, drawings? Maybe a How-To book? We can convert and publish that for you, too. Just drop us an email or call us at (651) 204-3753 and we’ll tell you if your book conversion has special requirements.

If you’d like, Minnesota eBooks can also distribute your book as well: let us convert it, then upload it into our Romeii Publishing account at Apple, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, easy, quick and simple, and you’ll be published to an audience of almost twenty-five million readers without having to suffer through the conversion process.

Using Minnesota eBook’s conversion services couldn’t be easier. Just fill out the form on our order page, upload your book in PDF, DOC, TXT or ZIP format, and we’ll begin the process. If you have more questions, please read our eBook Questions and Answers Page or call us at (651) 204-3753.

About Minnesota eBooks

Minnesota eBooks is a boutique publishing house focused on authors who want to have full control over their own work. An imprint of Romeii, LLC, Minnesota eBooks serves writers and readers in the Minnesota market and beyond.

Romeii delivers publishing, new media consulting and services for clients all over the United States.

Started in 1997, Romeii has created web sites, media campaigns and ecommerce initiatives, almost always taking on projects that pushed new, undiscovered products into the market. Recently our publishing customers saw the need to provide their books in electronic format, and Romeii was there to answer that need. Our eBook conversion and publishing service was born.

With a background of almost 60 years in both print and digital publishing, Romeii can mold a client’s message and deliver it through any available media: the web, print, audio, video, and now, ebooks, with one goal in mind: success.

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You can find us on the web at romeii.com, minnesotaebooks.com and ebooks.romeii.com

You can call us at (651) 204-3753.

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